Gentlemen's Handmade Soap Bar


Discover PHB’s fresh & natural palm oil free soaps. Made lovingly by hand in small batches. Gentlemen’s Soap Bar: With a stimulating blend of Tea Tree & Comfrey and exfoliating pumice piec...

Gentlemen's Exfoliator with Lemongrass & Eucalyptus


PHB’s Gentlemen’s exfoliator with Lemongrass & Eucalyptus refreshes and renews to reveal clearer & healthier looking skin. An invigorating skin treat that helps prevent pores from becoming...

Gentlemen’s Moisturiser with Sandalwood


Our hypoallergenic formula is perfect for soothing and nourishing sensitive skin. With a pure formula of Shea & Sandalwood to leave skin silky smooth, strengthened & protected. Relieves rednes...

Gentlemen's Shaving Lotion with Frankincense & Tea Tree


Shaving Lotion with Frankincense and Tea Tree for Effective Protection and Moisturisation....

Gentlemen's Body Wash with Pimento Berry, Spearmint & Lime


A Refreshing & Stimulating Body Wash with Pimento Berry, Spearmint & Lime to invigorate the skin and enliven the senses....

Gentlemen's Shampoo with Cedarwood & Eucalyptus


Cleanse and refresh your hair with PHB’s Gentlemen’s SLS-Free Shampoo. UK made with Cedarwood, Rosemary & Eucalyptus to stimulate the scalp, promote healthy growth and add volume. With Organic...

Gentlemen's Eye Treatment with Seaweed & Oakmoss


PHB’s Gentlemen’s eye gel is made with a carefully formulated blend of organic bio-actives that cool, soothe and rejuvenate eyes whilst fighting signs of aging. ...

Gentlemen's Grooming Gift Set


Our Grooming Gift Set combines a range of carefully combined formulas to provide an enhanced shaving, bathing and skincare experience for men. Made from natural ingredients including Sandalwood, Pimen...

PHB Ethical Beauty

At PHB Ethical Beauty we understand that what goes on to skin goes into skin, which is why all our products are made using natural and organic ingredients that are proven to be effective. We select the finest and most beneficial plant and fruit bio-actives and we never use harsh chemicals in the making of our products. Our PHB Collection is free from alcohol, animal ingredients, animal testing, parabens, SLS, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, phtalates and petrochemicals all of which you don’t want or need on your skin. By creating a range that uses only the purest of ingredients we are able to cater for even the most sensitive or problematic of skin.

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